Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment - Tattoo Removal Medical Laser from Tatt2Away
Tatt2Away non-laser tattoo removal has huge advantages over traditional laser tattoo removal.

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Rejuvatek Medical

Equipmed is pleased to be partnering with Rejuvatek Medical as the sole Australian distributor of Tatt2Away. Tatt2Away represents the culmination of several years of research into the tattoo industry by Rejuvatek Medical.

Dedication to the medical aesthetics industry

Rejuvatek Medical specialises in the development of new techniques and procedures for the medical aesthetics industry. The company is totally focused on the needs of medical practices and does not offer any services or products to the non-medical sector.

Breakthrough technologies for aesthetic medicine

The partners in Rejuvatek have had many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and have been involved in such breakthrough procedures such as excimer laser LASIK for refractive surgery, laser resurfacing for the treatment of facial wrinkles and photo ageing and radio frequency body contouring and lipoplasty.

Alert for new opportunities

Rejuvatek Medical is constantly alert for new opportunities in device technologies that address the basic appearance needs of an ageing population. Our technologies are directed at real problems in the business of aesthetics, not those experienced by only a small number of patients. We work with physicians worldwide to refine our technologies and techniques to create the best possible outcomes for patients seeking treatments.

TATT2AWAY NON-LASER TATTOO REMOVAL If you’d like to learn more about Tatt2Away, please contact Equipmed on 1300 668 755

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