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Tatt2Away non-laser tattoo removal has huge advantages over traditional laser tattoo removal.

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Tatt2Away removes all pigment colours




At 24 weeks after
2 treatments

After 4 treatments

At 12 months after 5 treatments

After 10

Tatt2Away Advantages

Tatt2Away non-laser tattoo removal has huge advantages over traditional laser tattoo removal, including:


The Tatt2Away Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR) process is faster than other tattoo removal methods because the process only requires treatment of pigmented skin one time. A 4”x6” multi-coloured tattoo may be removed in only four 20-minute treatment sessions. Laser removal takes an average of 10 sessions and in most cases, coloured pigment cannot be removed.


Tatt2away uses the body’s natural healing process to expel tattoo pigment. The lactic acid proprietary solution used in the process contains a safe chemical that naturally occurs in carbohydrates and meets the specifications of the US Food Chemicals Codex.
Laser tattoo removal, by contrast, breaks down pigment ingredients and deposits them in critical organs of the body. This is potentially dangerous and even carcinogenic.


A major advantage of the Tatt2Away System is its ability to REMOVE ALL PIGMENT COLOURS. In comparison, laser tattoo removal is colour specific and able to remove only a limited range of tattoo ink.


The TEPR procedure is virtually painless, involving only light abrasion of the skin and an injection of the proprietary solution.


Tatt2Away involves a much lower acquisition price and maintenance cost than lasers. This means it dramatically reduces costs for the practitioner.

In addition, the TEPR colour-blind pigment removal process allows treatment of a tattoo in an average of only four treatment sessions and provides the practice with significant flexibility in treatment pricing.

This makes it a cost effective solution for tattoo removal, allowing many more candidates for tattoo removal.

TATT2AWAY NON-LASER TATTOO REMOVAL If you’d like to learn more about Tatt2Away, please contact Equipmed on 1300 668 755

®Tatt2Away ®TEPR Australian Patent 2011355759